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Quadran, 360° of green energy

A major player of green electricity production in France and French overseas territories, Total Quadran works with the main sources of renewable energy: wind power, photovoltaics, hydraulics, and biogas.

A pioneer of the energy transition thanks to complementary means of production and the strength of its local presence, the company contributes to increase the part of renewable energies in the national energy mix.

Quadran has joined, since October 2017, the Direct Energie group, 1st alternative in France in energy supply, in keeping with a vertical integration strategy that allows it to have a diversified production mix, balanced and consistent with the objectives of the energy transition

In September 2018, the Total group finalised the take-over bid for Direct Energie, in order to strengthen in the electric energy retail and low-carbon production.

In September 2019, Quadran changes its name, becoming Total Quadran, and integrates Total's "Gas, Renewables and Power" division.

A major actor in the energy, Total aims at becoming the major of responsible energy.

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Wind power - Solar - Biogas/Biomass - Hydro Wind power Solar Biomass Hydro

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