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The Group


Quadran has become Direct Energie's subsidiary in 2017, which has become Total'subsidiary itself in 2018.

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Quadran's subsidiaries:

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JMB Solar
Quadran's solar subsidiary.

JMB Hydro
Quadran's hydraulic subsidiary.

A Quadran's biomass subsidiary, Méthanergy has been operating electrical power plants from landfill biogas since 2005. It also develops anaerobic digestion units.


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Quadran Pacific
The group has been active since 2002 in New Caledonia, where it has developed nearly 100 MW of wind power plants among which 34 MW are in operation. 20 MW of wind power and 15 MWp of solar power plants are going to be built in the short term. 
Quadran Pacific is also active in the other industries, thus participating fully in the strategy of diversification towards more renewable energy of the country’s electricity production, as desired by the Government.


Quadran Caraïbes
Quadran Caraïbes develops wind and solar projects in  Guadeloupe and Martinique, and also in French Guyana.
Quadran directly operates and maintains the whole of its wind and solar park in the Caribbean.

Operations subsidiary of solar power plants in Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guyana et Reunion.

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Wind potential and Acoustics division (ex-Winergy)

To determine the most profitable placement for the installation of wind turbines, Quadran relies on the recognized experience of its "Wind potential and Acoustics" division, which was its former subsidiary, Winergy.

With its perfect knowledge of the cartography of winds, and thanks to its expert software, Winergy has, on more than 100 sites worldwide, completed detailed measurements and analysis of wind power potential, location surveys, and around 20 regional wind energy atlases. 


Hydraulic design office, Quadran's subsidiary.


Quadran's self-consumption subsidiary.

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