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To carry out its projects with the greatest efficiency, the Quadran group has formed interdisciplinary teams to lead global operations in technical, financial, and environmental aspects relying on skills in the development, study, and piloting of projects, the installation and production of worksites, and production management.

Services Site Identification Design Development Permits Financing Construction Operations and Maintenance Dismantling and Repowering

The first step in the creation of a photovoltaic power plant is to evaluate the solar potential. It is then necessary to determine the technical feasibility of the power plant and to study the conditions for connection with the existing electricity grid.

For building-integrated installations, the study of the orientation and pitch of the roof is essential. For ground-mounted installations, the environmental impact is what dictates the details of the project.

An agreement is then reached between the landowner and Quadran. It lays out the overall structure of the project, each party’s obligations, fees, and the length of the lease in the case of the project’s success. The length of the long-term lease is at minimum 40 years renewable for optimal operation of the solar plant.

Following that are the administrative procedures and financing phases, carried out by Quadran’s teams of specialists.
Quadran also handles the project management and project ownership of the power plants it constructs, as well as the connection to the grid operated by ERDF.
At the lease’s expiration, the solar installation is handed over without charge to the landowner or is dismantled by Quadran. Materials are recycled according to current standards




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